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Here is What You Will Get EVERY Month:
Riddim Riot By Yuja
3 Sample Packs
$79 Value $29
Every month we are uploading 3 of our latest sample packs. We want to provide you wide range of genres and content, therefore we sometimes upload 1 extra pack for free, because.. why not..

3 Sample packs - that means 1200+ drums, melodies, construction kits, templates, Serum / Sylenth1 / Spire / Massive presets, vocals and fx every single month, that you will be able to add to your library.
Puncher Plugin
1 Plugin
$69 Value FREE
Every month we are uploading also 1 fresh VST / AU / AAX plugin, that you can download and use to level up your projects - forever. There are no time limitations or trial versions.  Once you will download the plugin, you will own it forever.

Our plugins are compatible with all major and minor DAWs.
DAW Templates
10 DAW Templates
$99 Value FREE
Our Members can download 10 DAW templates (from our DAW templates section) of their choice each month for free.

DAW templates combine the power of construction kits, samples, plugins and presets. It gives you access to everything you need to know and need to have.
Pick from dozens of Ableton, FL Studio or Logic Pro templates!
Trap Nation Style Audio Course
24/7 Access To All Of Our Audio Courses
$359+ Value FREE
Watch all of our audio courses as many times as you want when you want. This on-demand service gives you access 24/7
We focus on topics, that can add something extra to your sound and can simply sparkle up your projects. If there is new sound or track progression on the scene, we are the first that cover it on our courses!
W. A. Production Logo
Secret Vault Archive Access + 
Exclusive Discord Chat Room & Badges
$289+ Value FREE
We will invite you to our private Discord group, where you can join our exclusive community.
You will also get access to our Secret Vault. Our Secret Vault is full of ... Secrets. All we can say is that The Vault is where we upload miscellaneous content not made available to just anyone. 
A Word About Our Sounds & Plugins From EDM Superstars:
Tom Swoon
Tom Swoon
“I love the fresh sounds and samples from W. A. Production. They are fantastic!“
Timmy Trumpet
Timmy Trumpet
"Sample packs are the secret weapon of the pros and W.A. Production covers everything from catchy loops and midi files to sick sylenth presets!"
Justin Prime
Justin Prime
“W. A. Production has some great libraries! If you’re looking for some high quality samples, check out their banks!“
7 Days Free Trial, Cancel At Any Time!
1. Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
Yes, that is exactly how it works. You can cancel your subscription at any time - no questions asked.
2. Is there a trial so I can try this whole system first?
During the free trial, you will get 2 DAW Templates and be provided access to all video content for 7 days.
Each Subscription Plan starts with 7 days trial period.
Once the 7 day trial period has ended you will automatically be switched over to a full member subscription. This subscription allows you to enjoy all of the benefits mentioned above.
IMPORTANT: You will be able to get free Sample Packs, Plugins, Access to The Secret Vault and our Discord Group only if you decide to keep your subscription after the trial period, not before. The trial period only allows you to test our DAW Templates and Audio Courses.
3. You mentioned Secret Vault & Private Discord Group - what's that?
Once you purchase one of the plans you will receive an invite via email (so make sure you use to correct email address) to join our private Discord group. You will also be able to see a link to the group from inside your membership area.
 This group puts you in touch with our team members as well as a network of other producers.
Also in that email, you will find your access to your Secret Vault. If we told you all about it, it wouldn’t be a Secret now, would it?
4. How will I get the 3 packs per month?
Each month you will find 3 current and top - notch sample packs in your membership area
Get The Most Out Of Watching Audio Courses
Audio Courses
1. Even though you are a DnB or Big Room producer you should still watch a course about Orchestral Composition. Ever think to apply it with what you are doing and create some amazing tracks?

2. If you are watching on the go, be sure to get a note-taking app and keep track of tips you can later use behind the board. 

3. Instead of watching Game Of Thrones or Peaky Blinders, go and check out some videos that will actually further the progression of your music production career.
tips on how to use DAW Templates
DAW Templates
1. Reverse-engineer presets or sounds.

2.. Save samples and presets that you like and use them in your projects. 

3. Study the track structure. 

4. Check all mixer channels to see what effects have been used on individual sounds (including the master channel).
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